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York Training 2018

York Training for Parents and Carers of Young People on the Autistic Spectrum talking%20mouth%20clip%20art

Dates of sessions:

Wednesday 7th November 2018- Session 1- An Introduction to Autism and Mindblindness and Getting the Gist

Wednesday 14th November 2018 - Session 2- Language and Communication Wednesday 21st November 2018 - Session 3 - Preoccupations, Sensory Interests and Repetitive Behaviours

Wednesday 28th November 2018 - Session 5 - Imagination, Time Perception, Planning and Memory

Wednesday 5th December 2018- Managing Behaviour

Wednesday 12th December 2018 - Exploring Individual Problems and Developing Strategies for Managing Behaviour

Wednesday 19th December  2018- Visual Guides/Social Stories Workshop

Strategies for Managing Behaviour [2] – Consolidation and Questions


Times of Sessions -Sessions 1-8- 9.30 -11.30        


At   Brookvale Children’s Centre


Other parents have said:


The course is great!’

‘It’s great to know we’re not alone’

‘Everything was explained well. It was helpful’

‘It was good to hear from other parents and their experiences’


Contact the SEN Service if you would like to come along:

stacey.holleran@halton.gov.uk  0151 511 6061

ami.mcnamee@halton.gov.uk 0151 511 8571

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