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Work Experience

Ashley 6th Form is committed to developing the skills and confidence our students need to gain meaningful employment in the future.

All students at Ashley School have access to work experience regardless of ability or disability. Students are offered a range of individual work placements and a variety of workplace visits to enhance their experiences of the world of work. The work placements encourage the students to develop personal independence and interpersonal and communication skills whilst gaining the knowledge and skills needed to work in a particular career area. Work experience also encourages realistic expectations, socially acceptable behaviour, self-management and problem solving skills which make the students better equipped to manage life beyond Ashley 6th Form.

We recognise that work experience is a key component of the curriculum and complements our employability programme.  Students are given the opportunity to put into practice the skills they have gained through their vocational qualifications and core subjects whilst developing a better understanding of the workplace. We have strong links with local employers, with whom we work closely to ensure that work experience is beneficial and rewarding for both students and employers.

Some of the great employers who have supported our work experience programme include Spraycraft, Tarbock Green Riding School, Hutchinson Engineering, Premier Inn, McDonalds, Burger King, Quality Save, Marks and Spencer, Glynn Andrews and Chesnut Lodge School.

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