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Success Stories

We have had a number of our students who have made such a good impression on employers during their work placements that they have gained paid employment.

Tenacity and hard work paid off for one of our Interns who obtained paid employment at The Range following a successful internship with them.

A "can do"attitude and willingness to learn was recognised by JellyBeans Play Centre who were keen to make their intern a permanent member of staff.

McDonalds employed one of our students after a successful work placement as a crew member. The Assistant Manager commented on his enthusiasm and customer care skills and he now has a permanent paid position.

Quality Save managers were impressed by the positive attitude of one of our students and at the end of the placement this student was offered a part time paid job.

Esposito's Cafe in Runcorn employed one of our students to help with the busy summer period after he completed a successful work placement with them. This student continues to work at Espositos and has recently taken part in mentoring a new member of staff.

The Manager at Burger King in Runcorn asked if we had any students who wanted a part time job. We sent a student who was eager to enter employment and he now has a weekend job.

What our employers say about our students

"An excellent worker who can be relied upon and is always punctual" Manager, Jellybeans Play Centre

"He takes instructions well and always tries to assist and support the team" Assistant Manager, The Range

"It was a pleasure to have this student on work placement in our office. In all aspects he was exceptional".  Manager, Halton Speak Out

"This student did a great job, taking the initiative to sweep between grooms without being asked. She did a wonderful job and was a great asset to the team". Supervisor, Adorable Dog Grooming

"This student worked so hard and was brilliant working as part of a team. He reacted well to the jobs he was given and always helped others. His time keeping was spot on and his appearance was 100%". Shift Manager, McDonalds Widnes

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