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Pre-Supported Internship/Supported Internship Programme (1-Year or 2-Year Programme)

The Supported Internship is a 1-year or 2-year programme for young people with learning disabilities that helps them prepare for the transition from a college setting towards employment. It is an opportunity for young people to learn new skills and to improve their prospects of being offered paid employment in the future. Students are fully supported in the workplace by an identified mentor and in school by our Job Coach. The Job Coach provides a valuable link between the employer and the employee, ensuring any concerns from either party are addressed quickly and efficiently. Students gain a variety of skills during their time on the course.

Entry Requirements -  No qualifications are required for this course, however students must have employment as their main focus and have a desire to work. Ideally, students should have completed work experience and 12 months at Ashley 6th Form before applying for a place on this programme.

Structure -  

  • Maths
  • English
  • ICT
  • Employability - learning about what employers expect, your own skills and qualities and customer service.
  • Supported Internship (1-year) consists of 3 days in work placement and 2 days in 6th form
  • Pre-Supported Internship (2-year) consists of 1 day in work placement and 3-4 days in 6th form for the first year and then 3 days in work placement and 2 days in 6th form for the second year

Progression -  Some possible options for progression when you finish this course include a continued Supported Internship, paid employment, voluntary work and further supported employment training.

Interested in the Supported Internship Programme? -  If you are interested in the programme then be sure to read the 'Further Information on the Supported Internship Programme' tab on our website before discussing it with your parents. You can then contact either Mike Jones or Vicki Banks to discuss the possibility further. In order to access the Supported Internship Programme candidates will be required to complete an application form and attend a formal interview.

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