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Parent Survey 2017

Thank you to all Parents/Carers who took part in our survey in July 2017. Below is a sample of feedback we received.

General comments

  • My son is very happy at this school. He is treated with respect and given lots of support to manage his behaviour. He tells us he feels like he is listened to and he respects his teachers. We are delighted with how he has developed socially and emotionally this year and this has helped to improve his life at home. He is much more able to communicate how he is feeling.
  • We are very proud of our son this year regarding his progress and achievements. He is growing in confidence and independence every day which is a testament to Ashley High School. From a boy that hated P.E. in Year 7 to now loving it, is slowly making new friends all the time and socialising more. Very proud to be part of the Ashley High School community.
  • I can't put into words what this school, the staff (all the staff) have done for me and my son. My son has come from being sat in the house for 2 years with no self-respect or preservation for his needs to an independent 'happy', well-rounded child. With all my heart, I thank you all.
  • Ashley is an outstanding school. My daughter loves her time in school and has grown in confidence since being at Ashley. I would like to thank all the staff for all they do.
  • It's such a warm and friendly, caring school. I couldn't be happier that my son is at Ashley High.

Is there anything you especially like about Ashley School?

  • Lovely atmosphere. Staff always willing to listen to concerns.
  • I like that Ashley High School encourage my child to be independent and accept responsibility for his behaviour. He has made so much progress this year and we feel this is due to the fantastic support he has received. I feel that the staff are extremely tolerant and fair. I love that my child is pushed to reach his full potential.
  • Just a very welcoming school and lovely teachers, always feel welcome and my son gets so much help and he's a happy boy at Ashley High School.
  • I love the drive the teachers have which reflects on the children. Everyone involved in the school is happy, positive and supportive. Leadership of the school is first class and professional, honest, supportive, realistic. We just love Ashley!
  • The dynamics of the building. The sense of security and understanding from all the staff, their hearts are made of gold but their ability to carry out 100% of what they teach and how this is delivered is amazing.
  • I like that the children are treated as individuals and receive a lot of praise and recognition for their efforts and attitudes and not just their academic achievements. I like that they have opportunities to experience learning outside the classroom on trips, forest school, canal boat etc.
  • We are especially overwhelmed by the pastoral care and support provided by every staff member. We especially like Ashley High's excellent communication, help, advice and support on any given day. Any concerns or queries have been met with excellent reassurance.

You asked us for / We have done

  • At least 2 Parents' evenings. We now hold Parent evenings in both the Autumn and Spring terms as well as reporting student progress to parents on a termly basis. This is in addition to full Annual Reviews which are held each year for every student.
  • More assistance readily available from occupational therapy. We now have an Occupational Therapist in school one day a week.
  • Greater involvement with parents. We now have a Parents group who meet in school on a regular basis. (See website Google calendar for dates.)
  • Purchase a trampoline to help with sensory needs. School have now purchased a trampoline and it is being used widely as part of the P.E. curriculum, the Sensory diet programme, for Rebound Therapy sessions and for an After School Club.

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