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In Music, students learn about different musical styles and learn to play a wide range of instruments. Students are given the opportunity to play keyboards, pianos, guitars and various percussion and wind instruments. Additionally, students are encouraged to take part in fun singing activities.

Music is taught to all year groups in Key Stage 3. In Year 7, students develop their understanding of Music within a number of topics such as 'Night and Day', 'Folk Music' and 'Instruments of the Orchestra'. In Year 8, they gain knowledge and understanding of 'African Music', and 'Music and Space'. When studying 'Weather and Seasons', Year 8 students are able to enjoy outdoor activities whilst observing natural sounds. At the end of KS3, students will enjoy learning about 'Musicals', 'Film Music' and 'Popular Song'.

Within Music, students frequently learn and create songs individually and in groups. Students use a wide range of multimedia, such as tape recorders and video cameras, to record their performances. Students are able to perform their songs and receive feedback from their classmates. The interactive screen is used extensively and allows the students to play music games, take part in quizzes and watch videos. Powerpoints are also used to enhance learning.

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